Business Challenge

Friends is the leader in the adult diapers category. However, the category itself had a penetration in low single-digits. The only way to grow, was to grow the adoption of the category.

Consumer Challenge

The middle age sufferer saw incontinence as a geriatric problem that implied loss of manhood. He’d rather abandon life and stay at home due to a frequent urge to use the loo (given India’s abysmal civic hygiene reality) than step out.



    Acceptance becomes easier if people realised that they’re not suffering alone.


    Inspire category adoption by normalizing a hitherto closet category usage.

  • IDEA

    Step out with confidence knowing that you’re not alone

Consumer result

Half a million new adopters changed their way of life forever.

  • FROM

    Self-imprisonment due to incontinence.

  • TO

    Using adult diapers to enjoy life as they always did.

Business result

  • 40% increase in revenue growth in an otherwise stagnant category.